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Kerry Sports Manila and Technogym joined forces to make a tangible impact in promoting a healthier, more active society.

Kerry Sports Manila, the largest lifestyle and leisure club in the Metro, has joined forces with Technogym, the world leader in fitness and wellness solutions, to champion the "Let's Move for a Better World" advocacy. The collaboration aims to encourage individuals to lead an active lifestyle and combat obesity through collective movement and exercise.

Through this partnership, Kerry Sports Manila and Technogym seek to inspire and motivate individuals to prioritise their physical well-being by engaging in regular exercise and movement. The initiative emphasises that even small, consistent efforts toward leading an active lifestyle can contribute significantly to combating obesity and improving overall health.

As part of the "Let's Move for a Better World" campaign, Kerry Sports Manila offered a series of fitness events, classes, and challenges designed to encourage members and the broader community to embrace a more active way of life. By leveraging Technogym's cutting-edge fitness equipment and digital solutions, participants had access to innovative and personalised workout experiences that cater to all fitness levels.

The joint efforts of Kerry Sports Manila and Technogym underscored the power of community-driven initiatives in addressing pressing public health concerns. By coming together, the aim is to create a ripple effect of positive change, empowering people to prioritise exercise for their overall well-being.

True to its mission Kerry Sports Manila will continue to push the boundaries of overall health and wellness by stepping forward and emphasizing the importance of regular physical activity, nutrition education, and holistic well-being to ignite a positive change in the community and inspire individuals to prioritise their health and fitness.


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